Animabotics is the combination of animatronics and robotics.



Animabotics = Animatronics + Robotics

Animatronics allows control over objects and mechanisms often used in entertainment.

Robotics allows for autonomous control over specific facets of an animatronic system.

An animabotic system can manage its own precise movements while its overall actions are manipulated via remote control. A dinobot can run, avoiding obstacles autonomously, while its direction and speed can be remotely controlled. Further levels of control can be given to the animabot so that it can be told to grasp and throw an object, while the movement and positioning of the overall animabotic system can be remotely manipulated.


Within this zoo, the gorilla cannot jump or climb out of its environment. Naturally-occurring objects are used to create a more realistic setting. This type of control is similar to remotely-controlling an autonomous system. The animal is self-limited by its own physiology and so the entire system is designed and built to maintain the ultimate control over the subject’s movements.